Originating from its precursor which was created in 1999 and shares the current English name, Korean Society of Road Engineers (KSRE) has achieved continuous growth and transformation for last 15 years and is now an academic society of middle standing with a 2,600-strong membership. So far, KSRE has faithfully performed its role as a cornerstone of the nation-building industry while providing the academic basis for roads that have served as the arterials for logistics traffic across the country. Recently, KSRE is working hard to spearhead the national growth by taking the future-oriented key role from a comprehensive perspective in road pavement, road design, road safety, roads in North Korea, and airports.
 For the last half-century, Korean road technology has achieved a brilliant development, starting with Gyeongbu Expressway and coming through Jungbu Expressway, and KSRE has performed a leading role in various projects of recently growing importance such as upgrading road technology, carbon reduction, recycling, smart road, and automation equipment & technology for road performance evaluation. And through its subcommittees on North Korean roads and road culture, KSRE is working hard to fulfill its contemporary missions.
 In fact, with decreased orders, the domestic road construction industry is having a hard time. In view of the circumstances and for the purpose of dealing with the difficulties facing the industry, KSRE is putting in efforts to revitalize overseas projects and accomplish institutional reforms for road-related businesses.
 I hope that all road engineers, researchers, and business people will join hands with KSRE to work in upgrading and advancing road technology and industry.

Thank you.

Kyong-Ku Yun

Korean Society of Road Engineers (KSRE)


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